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Our simple commitment to quality through a freshly made product has always set us apart from the "superstores". They manufacture their popcorn canisters several months in advance for holiday sales without any concern for you, the consumer. This certainly affects the freshness of the product. The old axiom holds true: "You get what you pay for".

However, if you are one who is concerned about quality and freshness in your gift giving, CarmelCorn® Shoppe can satisfy the most discriminating taste of your family members, friends, clients, employees, and everyone one on your gift list. You can be confident that your gift from CarmelCorn® Shoppe in Gatlinburg will thrill every recipient.

Let us say that we here at CarmelCorn® Shoppe realize that it is our privilege to serve you, your family, friends, and business associates. May we extend a warm-hearted invitation to you and yours to come and visit our store in downtown Gatlinburg and witness for yourself just what me mean when we say with pride.



CarmelCorn w/ Peanuts
CarmelCorn w/ Pecans
White Cheddar
Buttered Popcorn
Our traditional, butter-rich CarmelCorn® has always been our number one product. In addition we also offer several other delectable flavors that include our special Cheesy Cheesekorn, White Cheddar, Toffee, and Butter Rum CarmelCorn®. And dare we fail to mention our old fashioned Buttery Popcorn that would have Grandma saying "Oooh-Ah!". ALL of our CarmelCorn® flavors are made fresh everyday by trained CarmelCorn® cooks. We use only the top-quality, all-natural, ingredients to secure that great CarmelCorn® Shoppe flavor.

The CarmelCorn® Shoppe offers a variety of canisters in 1, 2, 3˝, and 6˝ gallon sizes, with various themes including, Holiday Canisters, NASCAR, College, NFL teams and  assorted tins. The College and NFL canisters are restricted to 1 and 3˝ gallon sizes. You can choose up to three different flavors in one canister in the 2, 3˝, and 6˝ gallon sizes. Visit our online store and make your selection from a vast array of themes and teams. And of course, we ship immediately to insure freshness and the great taste of CarmelCorn® Shoppe's superior products. And, if you are in the area, stop by our store and make your selections and we will ship the items to your gift list recipients. Shipping and handling charges will apply, of course. To insure quality of taste and physical condition, we ship in decorative canisters only.

We also need to mention our incredible selection of fudge. Packed in 2lb boxes for shipping, our regular flavors include, Old Fashion Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chocolate/Peanut Butter, Rocky Road, Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Cookie Dough, and Maple/Walnut. Rich and delicious, our fudge is a perfect gift for those on your list. Custom flavors are available in 3lb minimum orders. Feel free to call  us to discuss your order.

Another delicious idea is our glazed nut selection. It's almost impossible to stop munching these flavorful glazed nuts. We offer them in Pecan and Almonds and both are glazed with a sweet texture that you'll adore. Call us for current pricing.

CRUNCH! The best of all the worlds! Delicious CarmelCorn® combined with roasted pecans and almond glazed together in a firm double butter texture that will delight the most discriminating tastebuds. You just can't get enough of this one! We'll ship it right to your doorstep. Call us with your order!!